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-- Pink Wife


- Skyworld -

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• Souflees •
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• Floor Ice cream •
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. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets
Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara:iconm1tchi3du5k:Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara

To be honest,you've been treating more like your son, and I dont mind it ♥ You may not know all of my life,but you know enough,to know I'm not close with my mother anymore. You've listen to my nonsense and always have time out of the day to listen to what I have to say. I will never see you as a friend,because you're anything but that; you're my mother ♥

Lady Palutuna-!

Waiting On
EV cell + KH full bg
- more here //
- Groups -
• Recommended •
I regularly commission these people to the point they probably want me to go die in a hole somewhere orz They're a little pricey but each com was quick and worth the
cash/points ♥

- Inspiration -

♥ ♥ ♥

Heart Gold Stamp by RiiareiKid Icarus Uprising Stamp by ZenfyreFire Emblem Awakening Stamp by Masked-Gamer
Super Smash Brothers Brawl Logo Stamp by moonprincesslunaSuper Smash Bros. Stamp by VisionRevolutionKingdom Hearts Series Stamp by nakashimariku
Etrian Odyssey - Stamp by Dre00izPokemon Conquest Stamp by RandomStamps(Request) Azure Striker Gunvolt Stamp by SoraRoyals77
Monado :: Shulk Stamp by DawnReddPC: Pit vs Link by AnnaTH08.:HW Princess Zelda Stamp:. by Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule
Tiki Stamp by AdraowenOlivia Stamp by AdraowenCordelia Stamp by Adraowen
Inigo Stamp by AdraowenLon'qu Stamp by AdraowenMorgan Stamp by Adraowen
Laslow FE:FATES stamp by KH-0Leo FE:FATES stamp by KH-0Niles FE:FATES stamp by KH-0
Soleil FE:FATES stamp by KH-0Ophelia FE:FATES stamp by KH-0Peri FE:FATES stamp by KH-0
Ventus by EllexonNamine by EllexonSora by Ellexon
Pit Stamp by AuricIcarusDark Pit Stamp by AuricIcarusPalutena Stamp by AuricIcarus
Stamp Garry by Illusion-NoireStamp Ib by Illusion-NoireStamp Mary by Illusion-Noire

Kore wa Zombie desu ka logo stamp by MathynOwari no Seraph Stamp by HamsterpfoteBee-Arr-Ess by azianwolfdoll
No Game No Life Stamp by RimisaAkatsuki no Yona Stamp by RimisaSTAMP: Guilty Crown Inori by BickslowFT
#Prince of stride Stamp by Cherry-KissuStamp - Amnesia by MiaKa-CiDVanguard Stamp by AssassinHiru

Comission by seuris 3# by KiraiMiraiN x Z -Stamp- UPDATED by RyuuoniiPC: Stamp Jazzy by AnnaTH08
Stamp .:Valerie the Wolf:. by Shide-Dystamp:Octopussik by Extra-Fenix2014 Kin Stamp by Togekisser
Jewel Stamp by AuricIcarusPro Strike Stamp by AnnaTH08Stamp Naty by AnnaTH08
Aelia stamp by AuricIcarusIris Stamp by AuricIcarusRyuuonii stamp by AuricIcarus
Starla Stamp by AuricIcarusAiko stamp by AuricIcarus

--- ships to keep track ----
- Aries x Artemis
- Heart x Soul
- Maou x Eve
- Rome x Cas
- Iris x Seek
- Gravity x Arisa??
- Soda x whats her face
- Koba x Enzan
- Broccoli
- Saturn x Ursa
- Skellington x Fawn

Gaming Info - Pokemon + Smash

. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets
Stamp - PKMN Yellow Version by kaitoupirateStamp - PKMN Gold Version by kaitoupirateStamp - PKMN Ruby Version by kaitoupirate
Stamp - PKMN Diamond Version by kaitoupiratePokemon - PKMN Heart Gold Ver. by kaitoupirateStamp - PKMN Black by kaitoupirate
Stamp - PKMN X by kaitoupirateStamp - PKMN Sapphire Version by kaitoupirate

007 - Squirtle by Marlenesstamps155 - Cyndaquil by Marlenesstamps255 - Torchic by Marlenesstamps
393 - Piplup by Marlenesstamps498 - Tepig by MarlenesstampsFennekin by Marlenesstamps
252 - Treecko by Marlenesstamps

. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets
015 - Beedrill by Marlenesstamps018 - Pidgeot by Marlenesstamps026 - Raichu by Marlenesstamps
031 - Nidoqueen by Marlenesstamps038 - Ninetales by Marlenesstamps059 - Arcanine by Marlenesstamps
078 - Rapidash by Marlenesstamps116 - Horsea by Marlenesstamps117 - Seadra by Marlenesstamps
148 - Dragonair by Marlenesstamps135 - Jolteon by Marlenesstamps151 - Mew by Marlenesstamps
153 - Bayleef by Marlenesstamps157 - Typhlosion by Marlenesstamps160 - Feraligatr by Marlenesstamps
168 - Ariados by Marlenesstamps176 - Togetic by Marlenesstamps197 - Umbreon by Marlenesstamps
216 - Teddiursa by Marlenesstamps229 - Houndoom by Marlenesstamps233 - Porygon2 by Marlenesstamps
250 - Ho-oh by Marlenesstamps251 - Celebi by Marlenesstamps243 - Raikou by Marlenesstamps
284 - Masquerain by Marlenesstamps330 - Flygon by Marlenesstamps227 - Skarmory by Marlenesstamps
351 - Castform Rainy Form by Marlenesstamps368 - Gorebyss by Marlenesstamps350 - Milotic by Marlenesstamps
380 - Latias by Marlenesstamps468 - Togekiss by Marlenesstamps425 - Drifloon by Marlenesstamps
487 - Giratina Origin Forme by Marlenesstamps518 - Musharna by Marlenesstamps563 - Cofagrigus by Marlenesstamps
605 - Elgyem by Marlenesstamps609 - Chandelure by Marlenesstamps613 - Cubchoo by Marlenesstamps
628 - Braviary by Marlenesstamps640 - Virizion by Marlenesstamps654 - Braixen by Marlenesstamps
710 - Pumpkaboo by MarlenesstampsMega Gardevoir by MarlenesstampsMega Gallade by Marlenesstamps
Shiny Froslass by MarlenesstampsShiny Umbreon by MarlenesstampsShiny Vulpix by Marlenesstamps
Ghost Pokemon stamp by DryBones157Ice Pokemon stamp by DryBones157Fairy type Pokemon by DryBones157

-- Intro

Vane☆ // His Majesty

18 | ♂ | Single | Weeb Trash

Hi I'm Vane or Auric
I draw anything from Sonic to Anime to Fan Art and
I have one too many pink wives.. ..
I guess I count as a college kid now wow time sure flies
Don't be afraid to comment or whatever,I don't bite much I swear

Also go by:
-- Mar Mar • Prince • Corrin --


Fire Emblem if/Fates: Azura's Nohr Dance Stamp by Darkie4EvaInigo Stamp by AdraowenFire Emblem if/Fates: Azura's Hoshido Dance Stamp by Darkie4Eva
Subaki stamp 3 by KH-0Soleil FE:FATES stamp by KH-0Leon stamp 3 by KH-0
code by deitarune

- SongBird -

Acquired a
Heart piece!

Fill my heart [anim.] by socksyyLink/Branden Fill my heart [anim.] by socksyy
Bouncy-Chibi-275 by CuteyTCat
Cinnamon roll SongBird

Though I've probably said this a hundred thousand times before,I truly am grateful to have met you,and only regret that it wasn't sooner. I can't even put into words of how much you mean to me really,though throughout the time we've known eachother,even little words said to one another,I'm glad it turned out the way it did. I did wish my mental state was better so the time we had could have lasted a lot longer.. but I'm thankful that you understood my wishes ♥ You truly are a gem I would never want to be without ♥
"Coming from above and falling down into Hyrule,into the arms of the local hero was something simply breath taking.Something that I wouldn't change for the world ♥"

Lon'qu Stamp by AdraowenOlivia Stamp by Adraowen
still keeping our sonas
a ship damn it

-- Seraph Of the End

Talon | Best Friend | Chocobo

Simplest Divider by limitless--wings
You mean so much to me you big dummy; You've looked out for me when we first met,you've done so much for me that I can only dream to repay you just a portion of it!You hear all this nonsense time and time again,so I'll spare you the anime cliche and just know that
I love you ♥

. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets

Chrom Stamp by AdraowenGerome Stamp by AdraowenOwain Stamp by Adraowen
Leo FE:FATES stamp by KH-0Ophelia FE:FATES stamp by KH-0Keaton FE:FATES stamp 2 by KH-0
Disney Stamp 57 by Flusjaa[SDM] Seraph of the End by SchastyeKirito Stamp by klll100


Aug 28, 2016
7:32 pm
Aug 28, 2016
5:39 pm
Aug 28, 2016
3:16 pm
Aug 28, 2016
1:14 pm
Aug 28, 2016
12:32 am

Picarto Stream? // gonna do commissions (maybe mic rip) 

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